Split Systems are one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems in the world today. If you would like to have the flexibility to choose which room you would like to heat or cool at any given time, then a Split System air conditioner may be just the right option for you. You will be able to section off the areas of the house where you would like the cooling or heating to run, therefor you are constantly saving on electricity by heating and cooling only the rooms that you are using.

Designed to allow for the maximum use of floor space for furniture and fittings, the indoor section of the hi-wall split air conditioner fits neatly onto the wall. The outdoor section can be mounted on a flat roof, on the ground or on a wall bracket. The compressor location is outside, which minimises the noise inside your home/office.

Choose from single split air conditioners or a multi head system, where a number of indoor units can be run off the one compressor. Your system will need to be sized accordingly to the area in which needs to be cooled/heated by one of our experts, this will prolong the effectiveness of the system.

How Does A Split System Air Conditioner Work?

  1. The name ‘Split System’ comes from the way this system actually works, split system air conditioners are cooling systems that have ‘split’ functions, there is an external system outside which is called the condensing unit, located inside this unit is a compressor/pump, which produces cold or hot gas that is fed through piping to the internal unit mounted on a wall, split systems do not actually add cool air to an area, but instead removes heat from the existing air, leaving the remaining air cooler.
  2. The cooling is accomplished by refrigerant, a compressor and an evaporator. The refrigerant acts like a sponge (‘Squeeze’) compress it and the heat is expelled; let it expand and it will absorb heat. If you squeeze it outside, the heat is expelled into the air; bring it back inside and let it expand and it will soak up more heat from within. Therefore this gives the feeling of the system transferring hot or cold air across the room at an even flow to create a balanced temperature.
  • Inverter Cassette Air Conditioners

  • How Often Should I Clean The Return Air Filter?

  • How Often Should I Have My Split System Serviced?

Inverter Cassette Air Conditioners

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Inverter Cassette Air Conditioners

Intelligent inverter technology works the same way as wall mounted split systems but drawing air in and out at roof level instead. Being designed so they are installed flush with the roof level gives a clean outlook and also ensure precise power control, while flexible installation with a space-saving outdoor unit making this range an easy way to heat and cool your home.

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How Often Should I Clean The Return Air Filter?

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How Often Should I Clean The Return Air Filter?

Minimum of once a month. It is especially important during the summer when dust and allergens circulate, during this period you should clean air filters frequently. Vacuum return air registers, wash filters (by spraying with a hose) and clean air vents regularly.

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How Often Should I Have My Split System Serviced?

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How Often Should I Have My Split System Serviced?

Once a year is recommended to check for blockages, cleanliness etc. You can book in a time for your service when it is convenient for you with Temperature Plus by filling out a contact form on our contact page.

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