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Being specialists in Heating & Cooling options for your home or office in the Melbourne eastern suburbs of Victoria, we provide a free on site no obligation quotation and will provide you with specialised information for the best way to go about your Heating & Cooling needs, whether it be changing over your existing system, updating or a completely new installation. We provide our services on commercial and domestic buildings and by contacting us, one of our experienced sales team will meet with you on site to discuss all valid options that will best suit your home, office or building.


It is recommended to have your system serviced after installation to help maintain the life expectancy of your system, we will provide you with our advice as to how often you should have your particular system serviced upon leaving your premises.


23 degrees is the temperature at which an air conditioner runs most efficient and economical. It’s the acceptable average comfort temperature, however individual requirements vary.


There are two main types of home air conditioners being ducted refrigerated systems and ducted evaporative systems. Like high split systems, ducted refrigerated systems consist of an indoor and outdoor coil and usually work on a day/night zone system which means that you cool the living areas of your home during the day and cool the sleeping areas of your home at night. Although efficient, ducted refrigerative systems have the highest running and purchase costs. Evaporative systems however cool your whole home/office instead of having the advantage of cooling particular rooms at separate times but they are very cost effective.


A Refrigerated high wall split systems consist of an indoor and outdoor unit and efficiently cool the air. Doors and windows have to be kept shut to get the best results. This system offers a heating option.


The most common way to heat your whole home/office is to have Gas Ducted Heating which are fuelled by gas and as the term implies, the system makes use of ductwork to draw the air, heat it and send it throughout the living areas of the home through the ductwork


A Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit and efficiently heat and cool the air. Doors and windows have to be kept shut to get the best results.