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From setting up a completely new system or an ‘add-on’ unit to your existing ducted heating system, we can recommend and design a system that suits you, your family and your home/office. If you would like to have ducted heating installed, you will have the option to add cooling at a later date therefore we will need to design your heating system to suit.
Refrigerated Ducted Air conditioning provides year round comfort and has become increasingly popular in recent years because it can provide comfort in summer and winter at a selected temperature range of 18 to 25 degrees. Designing the right system for your home/office takes an experienced member of our team to come up with the best solution for your budget. Your system will need to be sized accordingly to the area in which needs to be cooled by one of our experts, this will prolong the effectiveness of the system.


There are two separate mechanical parts, an outdoor compressor and an indoor console/fan coil. These are connected by electrical controls and refrigerated copper piping.
An outdoor compressor unit compresses liquid into a gas state to allow the refrigeration effect to take place, exactly the same way as does your home refrigerator. The compressed gas is transferred through the connecting copper pipe, the console installed inside your home or ceiling space.
An indoor unit/console basically consists of a fan and a coil (similar to a car radiator appearance). The fan is connected and then controlled by a room installed thermostat that draws the air from inside the home, passes it through a filter and then recirculates throughout your home approximately 10 times each hour.


Ducted systems in particular, require a lot of ducting and fittings (none of which are supplied by the machine maker) and labour, which represents about the same cost as the machine. This provides sellers the opportunity to vary the size, quality and labour standard to reduce the selling price. An area many prospective buyers overlook.


Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is often zoned to keep the purchase and running costs to a minimum. Typically, the house is zoned according to the families lifestyle. How it works is by a series of dampers (gates) that direct the flow of air in the ducting system to one area or another similarly to that of your home reticulation. A control panel inside your home is provided for convenient “zone” use. Therefore this allows the user to turn off the zoned sections they do not wish to use at that particular time, having the freedom to heat or cool selected areas that have been zoned.


Add-on cooling uses the heating system’s ductwork and heater fan to push the cool, dehumidified air throughout your home/office. The cool air is recirculated and continuously filtered to remove dust and dirt particles. As a refrigerated cooling system requires increased airflow, the ductwork needs to be sized and insulated accordingly.


Return air filters must be cleaned regularly and this should prolong the amount of time that is needed before a service will be required for maintenance. You can book in a time for your service when it is convenient for you with Temperature Plus by filling out a contact form on our contact us page.